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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have been so glaze-y.

Call me shinyhair girl.
NOT because it's oily either, yew.

 I am struggling to fully commit to my next hair color for fall (red? keep my brunette ombre? ugh, decisions.). So, while I am not currently dying my hair (it's been 6 weeks!) I have found my go to. I guess it's really just an old friend! Did mine yesterday in between loads of laundry and I feel like a new woman. 

 I love Cellophane by Sebastian or PM Shines by Paul Mitchell. Both of the glazes (or gloss) are demi-permanent hair color, which is between semi and permanent. The lines are both deposit only, so it won't make you blonde if you are brunette, it simply just adds a tone or shine to your color you already have or will darken your color. Both of the lines have clear, reds, brunettes (golden-auburn-ashy), and golden blondes. Stick to your tone your stylist already gave you and just use these to up your shine or add vibrancy, not to change your overall color!

The Cellophane is an easy at home home product because it doesn't require processing liquid and only takes 20 minutes. The shine and feel that the product gives your hair is that just dyed shine and it actually makes it feel healthier too. The results last for about 4-6 weeks, depending on how much you wash. 

PM Shines is available only by professionals only. 
Cellophane is available at local beauty supply stores or by a professional. 


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