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Monday, August 15, 2011

getting your hair healthy

Healthy hair is always in style and as a stylist, I get questions all the time about how to get or keep your skin and hair healthy. Here are some great tricks to get your hair healthy& shiny, and your skin glowing!

Now for those of you who have let your hair get damaged through the summer from chlorine, sun, color, or heat styling tools, then you need something to fix it now. Here are some great products you can use to start fixing what is already "broken"...

it's a 10 spray leave in conditioner and mask everyone can use!!

Brazilian Blowout shampoo, conditioner, serum, and masque are all amazing smoothing products. Dry and curly hair especially love these products, but anyone with color or heat damage can use them in moderation. I recommend alternating the shampoo and conditioner with another lighter product.

Joico's Kpak product is great for people with highly damaged hair that are in need of protein being put back into their hair ASAP.

I love Moroccan Oil! They have done a great job of making different levels of serum for each hair type, making this such an easy product to buy.

Paul Mitchell Strength is a great product for blondes or highlights because it adds in the protein taken out from bleaching, letting it fill the holes in your hair.

I love Pureology, it's what I have been personally using for about a year and I am coming up on the time to change it. I love the hydrate and reconstructive line. They are both organic and everyone's hair just loves Pureology. 

Whether or not your hair is healthy already, you always need to do at least two things other than a good shampoo and conditioner; a leave in conditioner and a weekly mask/deep conditioner. Everyone's hair can benefit from both of these. 

Remember when you are buying your products not to just look at price. In a lot of products, you are going to get what you pay for, but not everything is expensive. If you are going to pay good money for a cut or color, make sure you follow up on your part by taking good care of what your stylist did. 

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Your hair is made up mostly of water so you need to drink lots! Your skin will get such a great glow from drinking enough water too. has a great list of different foods that are high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that boost your hair and skin's health from the inside out. 

Get a Brazilian Blowout. Make sure it is the actual Brazilian Blowout the brand not just a style of 'Blowouts', I have seen nightmares that cause more damage than good. The brand has had lots of negative press, but I encourage you to do your homework and you will see it's perfectly safe, and a miracle of a product. The product fills in the holes in your hair and smoothest the hair shaft leaving you with smooth, frizz free, healthy hair. I would only not recommend this product to those with really fine hair because it will take what little volume you have, but if you need it, just have your stylist do the tips of your hair. 

Next time you are out in the sun, try to wear a spray hair sunscreen- Kpak makes a great one that I swear by, so does Goldwell. For those of your who wear your hair in a part out in the sun like me, they now make a great alcohol free spf 30 for your scalp to avoid painful burns also! Or you can just simplify things and wear a hat or scarf. If you are going to go in the water- pool or ocean, you need to do one of two things; get your hair wet with regular water or put a deep conditioner on your hair. The idea behind this is to have your hair soak up either the water or conditioner instead of chlorine or salt water. 

Lay off the heat. Your hair needs at least two days off a week. Give it a break, let it air dry and go natural- that's usually my favorite anyway :)

Covered a lot of basics today, but if you have more questions, let me know!! 


Mandy said...

I seriously LOVE your blog!! I just read every post and was so entertained! So excited for you that you are doing this.... now you are inspiring me to get back into blogging. :)

lexidawnwarren said...

YAY!! ok follow me lol i need followers! You inspired me, so I am glad to return the favor :)

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