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Monday, August 22, 2011

glamour girl curl

"That glamour girl curl is so hot right now."
Hot Tools recently came out with a ceramic curling wand in a couple different sizes, I went with the 1 1/4". I prefer my curls to be bigger and a little bit looser, but if you prefer them to be a bit tighter, than go for the smaller wand.  It curls so fast and is so easy to use. It gives you the very glamorous and retro curls that we all love and are so in this fall.

It's so easy to create the glamorous waves that stars are wearing a lot right now.
Here's how:
1. Section off your hair in 1 1/4" wide sections,  pulling majority of it up into a clip.
2. Wrap your hair around the wand in about 1" increments. 
3. Repeat with every section doing your whole head.
 *When you get close to your face you might want to do sections smaller so that the curl holds higher up on the hair shaft, keeping it's shape.
4. Spray hair with a lighter-medium hold hair spray and let it "set" or cool down for about 5 minutes.
5. Run your fingers or a brush through your hair and maybe one more spray of hairspray and TADA!

Jessica Alba

Annalynne McCord

Sienna Miller- this is the similar to the way mine came out yesterday

and of course, Taylor Swift, the queen bee of bringing glamour back to the curl world.

Coming Soon!!!
I am going to do a video soon of how to curl with a straightener too for those messy beach curls that I LIVE in...


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