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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Bula(Hello in Fijian) from Savusavu Island in Fiji!!!

Last Tuesday, we got to visit the town of the people that work at the resort we are staying at, Jean Michel Couseau Resort, and it was really an amazing little trip. We had a blast seeing their way of life, their houses, and a little bit of their culture. The people here are so unbelievably welcoming, sweet, loving, happy, and just super nice. I mean really nice! The tribe asks 4 of the men in our group to drink the Kava with them and of course Dad was one of them. Here are some of the pictures of the village and their welcoming festivities they do each week for the guests!

The Kava welcoming ceremony.

Dad drinking his Kava.

Cait mid clap and Addison and I having so much fun.

Amazing amazing experience!! And lots of other things to blog about from Fiji, today we did the rainforest hike to a waterfall and it was undoubtedly one of the coolest things we have ever done!
 In the words of Ron Burgendy, "Thanks for stopping by" or in Fijian that would be "Vinaka for stopping by." Classy I know. 

With lolomas( look at me using so many Fijian words),


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