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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i can't stop watching...

So, if you watch The Bachelor at all, then you all know Michelle Money. I loved her and Graham on The Bachelor Pad, but I also love her because of her AMAZING hair. You wouldn't believe how many girls ask for her color, myself being one of them. She's beautiful. Any way, I stumbled upon some of her YouTube videos with her friend Laura, and....I am dying. I am obsessed. They are hilarious and talented, you have to go check it out. 

How can you not love them? It just reminds me of me and my friends messing around. So cute. Love em. And good tips! Thanks girls.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

this isn't a real video shoot.

Here is the long awaited PROPOSAL video! 
The story, if I haven't gotten to tell you, is quite good. I had NO clue. Josh works for Floodgate Productions doing short films and so when he asked me to be in one of their Christmas videos I didn't think much of it, even though I was realllyyy nervous to be on camera (note that I laugh too much when I am nervous.) So, when I showed up at the "shoot" at Woodward park and Josh's boss's had the cameras set up, this appeared entirely legit. And I was entirely clueless. He had, after all, told me days before that we probably wouldn't get engaged for another 6 months. While going through different shots for this so called video, things suddenly took a turn towards quotes from a certain Beyonce song.... 

Sorry for my awkwardness. In my defense, I was completely in shock since I fully believed we were shooting a video for work. And sorry for how many times we say legitimately. 

Thank you thank you thank you Gary and Jason for doing this and making our special day possible! Thank you again Jason for editing our video for us, you're the best. 

Hope you guys enjoyed watching our engagement and got a good laugh out of it :) We haven't stopped smiling since!

this is the year that I...

My New Years resolutions have always been rather vague, or rather, they have simply not existed. They tend to consist of the typical, "loose weight" or "work out more," but this year though, I felt inspired. Maybe it's because I have already been trying to start these habits and this is the best time to say, I am starting today. Period. End of story. And, to my delight, so far so good!

Along with my resolutions, here are some of my must have products to make sure I can keep up all of my resolutions! 

1. Have a better self image - no. matter. what. 
This is a confidence that I pray for every day. As a woman, we are always striving to be our best, and especially in my line of work, there is always "something" to make your "something" better. 
So my prayer has changed to...
 [God, just let me love myself the way you love me, so I may love others that way. Let me not focus on my "short-comings" as you do not see them that way, but let me see my uniqueness as beauty.] God loves me exactly the way I am, five pounds lighter or heavier. Prayer that when I feel disappointed in myself, remembering, HE is not. 

I love to journal my prayers and my favorite journal is this leather one from Target.

2. Take my vitamins! 
Biotin is great to add to your everyday multivitamin to help your hair grow and it does wonders for your skin and nails too! Also, I take my vitamins at night with a big glass of water after dinner. That way, at least in my mind, you aren't just peeing out all your supplements. It gives your body time to absorb them properly. Just food for thought. 

3. Moisturize!
The best time to really hydrate your skin is right after the shower. Your skin is going to absorb the most moisture after the warm shower has taken a lot of it's oil and nutrients, so you need to replenish it.  I am loving the cocoa butter gel right after the shower at night - but it is too heavy for the morning, for me at least.

4. Use a make up primer. Consistently. 
I just got a sample of this guy from Sephora and I am so pumped to use it without having a to buy a bottle of it and be stuck with it if I don't like it. Elle and Allure both rave about it though, so I am guessing it'll be a home run.
This, on the other hand, is what I have been using when I do take time to put on primer. It is really light and matte so it's great for oily/combination skin like mine. It makes your face so soft and smooth and makes your skin the perfect pallet for your foundation. 

If you have tried these and aren't a fan, I have a couple other tricks up my sleeve, so message me if you need other primers to try.

5. Do my makeup for work everyday & try something new!
Being a low maintenance girl in a hair and make up world is tough sometimes. This lil puppy leaves me excited to try out new makeup every morning! I have been eyeing it for a while, and people that have it, rave about it, so I finally caved. It is sold out like 95% of the time at Sephora and Ulta, so get it when you can. There is also a Naked 2 pallet now as well, I stuck with the original for now. Excited for my make up today and pumped to test it out on my clients that are going to prom this weekend! 

So, now not only are my resolutions written in my journal, but they are here for the world to know. No turning back now. Happy 2012 everyone!

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