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Thursday, January 5, 2012

this isn't a real video shoot.

Here is the long awaited PROPOSAL video! 
The story, if I haven't gotten to tell you, is quite good. I had NO clue. Josh works for Floodgate Productions doing short films and so when he asked me to be in one of their Christmas videos I didn't think much of it, even though I was realllyyy nervous to be on camera (note that I laugh too much when I am nervous.) So, when I showed up at the "shoot" at Woodward park and Josh's boss's had the cameras set up, this appeared entirely legit. And I was entirely clueless. He had, after all, told me days before that we probably wouldn't get engaged for another 6 months. While going through different shots for this so called video, things suddenly took a turn towards quotes from a certain Beyonce song.... 

Sorry for my awkwardness. In my defense, I was completely in shock since I fully believed we were shooting a video for work. And sorry for how many times we say legitimately. 

Thank you thank you thank you Gary and Jason for doing this and making our special day possible! Thank you again Jason for editing our video for us, you're the best. 

Hope you guys enjoyed watching our engagement and got a good laugh out of it :) We haven't stopped smiling since!


Mandy said...

LOVE this! Made me cry! I am so happy for you Lexi!

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