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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

deeper than my feet could ever wander.

There have been some huge life changes going on over here at the Warren household. My sweet and talented husband was offered a job as a graphic designer at Logos Bible Software in December just before Christmas. We were not searching for a job, but The Lord had bigger plans than us! I am so incredibly proud of my best friend for not only his talent, but his willing brave heart. Logos is in Bellingham, WA... so making this decision to uproot and take this journey was not something we took lightly. We recently took our first trip up there to decide if it was the right decision for our little family.

The amazing thing is, the journey to this point alone, has already deepened and strengthened our faith by leaps and bounds. I have never prayed more than I have lately. Not just for what God was doing with the job and all that, but for my husband. Praying my husband is something I have really been trying to grow deeper in. Not just a quick prayer at night before bed or prayer when he asks for it. I want to be praying for that man more than I pray for myself. I want to pray for him more than I pray for anyone. The Lord gave me such comfort and removed my stress and anxiety over these huge decisions. I trusted Him in a whole new way. Through that, I was able to trust Josh entirely and watch him lead us into this next chapter that God has so clearly laid before us. Ladies, marry a man that loves the Lord, you will never stop falling in love with him when he is in love with the God that you love with your whole heart. 

There are a few key times that I can look back and remember a strong feeling of God moving in a big way in my life. They were all huge turning points; calling me to the cross, calling me to follow Him, marrying Josh... I remember just knowing in my heart, feeling the Spirit move me. That's what I felt when we were in Bellingham. Everything I came to The Lord with about being unsure of, asking Him to provide, He showed up. Its truly amazing what God will do when you are bold enough to ask Him to answer your questions. He is not afraid to answer you, you just have to be willing to hear His answer. There Jesus reminded me, once again, to trust in Him. He affirmed me in every fear I had and showed me that He is so much bigger than anything I could ever fear. He has our back.

So here we go! This crazy new chapter, taking us to a state we never thought we would live in, in a town I had never heard of, and for a company that couldn't be more perfect for my husband. Our lives are about to change forever, and that's terrifying. But I also know that Jesus would not be calling me out onto the water if he didn't have a plan.

 The song "Oceans" by Hillsong has been on repeat in my head and on my stereo. My faith has already been made stronger and I have seen and felt the presence of my Savior. What else could a girl need? Friends? Family? Those things are the gut wrenching part of leaving to follow these dreams. There are not a enough words in this world to describe the way I feel about my family and friends. I am beyond blessed to have friends that have become my family, and a family that truly is my best friends. Distance or time cannot touch these relationships in my heart. And when the weight of missing them becomes too much, Jesus reminds me of his promises to me, that his plans are for good and to prosper. He is enough. 

I am sure the next months and maybe even year, will be hard, and we will struggle at times. Please send us your prayers and love as we start this new chapter! We are so excited to see where our lives are headed and what is in store for us. Thank you guys for all of your love and support :)


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