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Thursday, August 15, 2013

nowhere to set her foot upon.

Trying to think of stories that I wanted to share that not everyone may know about me, the story of why I have a dove tattooed on my foot came to me. When I was twenty one I went through an amazing year long program at The Well called Residency. That's where my deep love for the bible really grew. I learned more that year than I had in my whole life about Gods word. To be honest, I had always been confused and bored with the Old Testament. Suddenly though, God revealed it to me in such a relatable, life altering way. I began to fully understand the weight and cost of sin, what sin really was, and how it was dealt with before Christ came. And how much of a sinner I was, saved by grace and grace alone. 
Reading through the Old Testament, my heart was broken and my love for who Christ was to me became real. I fell in love with the gospel before I even got to that part! My heart was broken, yet comforted, as I realized I was just like each broken character of the bible. Stories of my own past connected with each one I read. The redemptive power of Jesus & the Holy Spirit comforted me as I realized who I was to Him. 

I really connected with one story in particular, it truly summed up my testimony. Genesis 8:6-12, the story of Noah sending out two birds, a dove and crow. The crow found a place to rest and live without the arc and Noah. But the dove, she found no rest, nowhere to set her foot upon. She came back to Noah. When he sent her out again, she brought back an olive branch, Gods symbol of land & peace to Noah. That was me. You see, I had to be sent out into the world, look at all of it, try to find rest without the arc, but in the end, there was nothing. Nothing but Jesus to set my foot upon. Nowhere to rest my foot upon that satisfied or comforted. It only left me more lonely, empty, and guilty. 

I fell in love with this picture of me, flying back to Noah the second time, holding that olive branch. I knew that was my redemptive story through Christ. I already had 3 tattoos, so I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Then the tattoo artist told me the top of the foot was one of the most painful places... Awesome. Guys, I'm a total wimp. I can prove it, here's something to make you die laughing, just as Cheryl & Josh did. 

Best friends are for holding your hair and laughing at you while you cry. I simultaneously laughed and cried through the whole 45 minutes. Yes, I'm embarrassed. But that lil beauty was worth every minute. It's truly a reflection of me and I'd do it again. 


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