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Monday, April 22, 2013

jamie dana.

Look at those big blue eyes. This is my beautiful 18 year old sister, Jamie,  when we went to San Francisco for a weekend.

I was so blessed to have had her for a week, all to ourselves. We had such an amazing time giggling together, getting tattoos, getting to know each other more, and just bonding. We are 5 years apart, so we really have had the true sister relationship. I was the cool big sister who would take her friends to a movie or to the mall. In the past couple years though, our friendship has grown so much deeper. She has turned into to this person that makes me stand back in awe. Seems like yesterday that she was this crazy little blonde running around screaming at the top of her lungs to be heard by her big sisters and brother. Now here she is... this beautiful young lady. She is full of life and love, she's brilliant, funny, hardworking, and above all, she is kind.

It's amazing what God will do through the gift of siblings and what your relationship grows into as we grow up. I am so thankful for this one I have been given with Jamie and each relationship I have with my 3 other siblings.
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