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Monday, March 19, 2012

live simply

I am still alive I promise, just busy planning that thing called a wedding. Apparently, it is actually really stressful and all consuming. So, I am sorry friends, I promise to try not to disappear for that long again!

Any who.... As the date moves closer and closer that I will need to make room for Josh to share a room with me, panic sets in because there is no where for his clothes to go. I mean no where, literally. As in, I already store my dresses and coats in another closet, and also switch out my winter/summer wardrobes according to season. So... now what?

I want to start our married lives together with a room and home that feels like ours, not mine that he just moved into. So, I have started organizing, cleaning out, and learning to "live simply."I have never been a very organized person, just enough to not loose things and get things done. As I get older though, lists are my friends. Charts and spreadsheets have become normal. Weird. 

Now, not only am I getting ready for my first big yard sale, but we have a meal plan every week, spring cleaning lists, weekly cleaning lists, just lists galore! 

The yard sale is where I am going with this. That is where I have really seen myself "learning to live simply." If I have three grey sweaters that are similar, is that necessary? No. So, in turn, I will soon be having a big sale in the front yard with lots of great stuff, stuff I love, but stuff I don't need. Plus, let's be honest, getting rid of what I don't wear just makes room for stuff I will wear! 

I will update you as the big sale comes up with what I have, how we are organizing it, and what we end up making! 

Oh, and happy spring! 
Here is my favorite spring bucket list download. So cute. 
And the eat sheet we are using for our weekly meal planning.

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